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Restaurant temporarily closed.

What used to be an Art Gallery, where local artists displayed their work, is now a showcase of flavours. The Chef´s culinary delights invite you on a journey across Portuguese cuisine. Traditional Portuguese cuisine, prepared with contemporary quality, precision and excellence.

The gastronomic offer of Galeria do Largo is clearly identified with the values and traditions of Portuguese cuisine, not forgetting the restrictions on the diet of our customers (vegetarian, bio, gluten free).

A bi-annual menu, clearly influenced by the main seasons of the year, fall-winter and spring-summer. Desserts are renewed at each solstice and equinox, reflecting the typical and characteristic flavors of each season, making the most of the freshness of the ingredients and ensuring greater sustainability.


What they say about us

"Enjoy the mystical charm of the Galeria do Largo Restaurant to take a trip together for the flavors and aromas of traditional Portuguese cuisine,
Treated with an irresistible touch of modernity"

By: E-Konomista


The restaurant is temporarily closed.


Restaurante Galeria do Largo
Largo de São Domingos, 44 - 55
4050-097 Porto

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